Supergirl: 2×11 ‘Martian Chronicles’ Promotinal Stills & Screencaptures

Promotional stills and HD logoless screencaptures from the episode 2×11 ‘Martian Chronicles’ were just added to the gallery.

2016 – Supergirl > Season Two > Episode & Production Stills > 2.11 “Martian Chronicles”
2016 – Supergirl > Season Two > Screencaptures > 2.11 “Martian Chronicles”

‘Online Interviews’ Screencaptures

I updated the gallery with lots of amazing HD screencaptures from some interviews Floriana did in the past years.

Online Interviews > 2012 > Set 17 | Join The Sinergy
Online Interviews > 2016 > Feb 27 | Mingle Media TV Network
Online Interviews > 2016 > Apr 19 | AfterBuzz TV
Online Interviews > 2016 > Jul 29 | FansTang

Supergirl’s Chyler Leigh on Floriana Lima casting

In a recent interview for TV Guide featured on the next issue, Chyler talked a little bit about Floriana and her casting. Read below:

What’s it been like working with Floriana?
I was insistent on being part of the casting process. I had to know we got the right one. Floriana was the second girl to come in, and as soon as she walked in, I knew it was her. I could see her heart and there was something special about our connection. I am just so invested in telling this story the right way.

I found out about this storyline the night before the Orlando nightclub shooting. I woke up to that news and just started sobbing. I thought « My god, we have to do justice to a story that, in real life, affects so many people ».